It takes imAGInation to see what AI can do for us

Our GI team ask one question: can we know 'EVERYTHING' about one industry in the world? The answer is yes but only with the help of AI. Here is what we have done.

we choose furniture industry in Germany as our first test. Our agent-based search engine has collected more than 🍄 1 million data points 🍄 from the internet. Our data analysis team (human still needed) has processed the data together with our AI agents and built knowledge graph for the industry. The final result includes: web ranking, image stocks, social medial accounts, posts, and SOE keywords and many more.........🎯 It would have took a team of 3 to 5 people and one month to do the same work. Now, it takes only 3 days and one person to do the same work. 🚀 NOW We claim that we can know 'EVERYTHING' about one industry in the world. Do you want to manufacture intelligence for your business? CAll US NOW!

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Web Ranking

The following table gives you the web ranking of the furniture industry in Germany. You can use this table to find potential partners, customers, and competitors. You can also use it to measure the impact of your marketing activities (if you are in the industry). You should work hard to improve your web ranking if you are not in the table.

If some websites are ranked higher than you expected, it is very likely that they have spent more time and money on their SEO. You can use the keywords they use to improve your SEO. We ranked more than 14,000 websites. The table below shows the top 5000.