Manufacture Intelligence with Collaborative AI

HyperGI helps SMEs to build and deploy Multi-Agent System for their business needs. We are always in hyper mode, ready to assist you.

Domain Experts + High Quality Data + AI

AI Thrives on Data Integrity and Expertise

HyperGI believes innovation in AI doesn't always stem from the algorithms but rather from the creativity applied in structuring internal and external data sources. We believe that the best AI solutions are built by domain experts who understand the data and the problem space.

LLM router

Higher Performance + Lower Cost

Unlock the Gateway to Production-Level AI

To stablize the API calls, we could help you to build a customized router to handle the traffic and reduce the cost of the API calls as it is better to use a router to dynamically route the LLM API calls for different kinds of tasks. For example, if your tasks are mostly for code generation, it is better to use DeciCoder to handle the traffic.

Keep it Simple and Effective

We observe a growing trend of overengineering in the industry

"Requirements from smart people are the most dangerous because people are less likely to question them."

"You may have to add parts or processes back later. In fact, if you do not end up adding back at least 10% of them, then you didn't delete enough."

- Said by Elon Musk

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